‘Redefine your



The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative



The foundation of all athletic effort and accomplishment… Simply defined, it is the ability to initiate and persist at a task



The passport to a better body and a better life… Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today 



How many of you have been putting off the idea of starting your very own body transformation through fear and insecurity?


Maybe you feel you lack the direction or knowledge to make the change you’ve always wanted to? Or maybe you’re already a regular gym goer who’s ‘stuck in a rut’ with your training, you’re not getting the results your time and effort deserve anymore and progress has all but stalled?


Well, you might be surprised to learn that you’re certainly not alone… It happens to the best of us!


Whether you want to prepare for your upcoming beach vacation, step on stage for a pageant or bodybuilding contest, look a million dollars on your wedding day, or simply just bring your body and mind to a place they have never been to before… You’re in safe hands!


Through our newly formed Gold Medal Lifestyle ‘Academy’ we aim to open up a whole new level of support and community in order for you to feel at total ease with your new body transformation adventure…


You will have the ability to interact directly with our team here, as well as with other members who may be embarking on a similar journey to gain not only self-confidence, but also valuable insight into all things related to the world of fitness, training and nutrition… Regardless of your goal, your body type, or your ability level, we have all bases covered for you…


Be sure to check out our social media platforms for regular advice, community support groups and our ‘Academy’ news, where we will be putting volunteers through ‘live’ body transformations throughout the year in front of the world for your benefit and to further demonstrate the Gold Medal philosophy! 

what’s in the name?

The ‘Gold Medal’ is traditionally the highest mark awarded in competition and is synonymous with achievement and success

Our mission is to attain and maintain the highest standard possible with our tried and tested methods in order to provide you with the platform, the expertise and ultimately the results your hard work and dedication deserve


Please do be fully aware however that body transformation results often vary based
on individual commitment and dedication and as much as we have total confidence
in our programs, our methods and our advice, they are not guaranteed without your
own personal sacrifice

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