“Why am I not losing weight?!”


This has to be one of the most common questions I get asked on a frequent basis.


First and foremost, let me get one thing out of the way as soon as possible, I hate the phrase ‘weight loss’ and at ‘Gold Medal Lifestyle’ we would never promote that mantra either! It makes me think of someone who is sick or suffering from an unfortunate illness such as anorexia!


Taking the number that shows up on the scale as gospel is a very dangerous and quite frankly useless way to gauge your progress on a body transformation journey and there are a multitude of reasons why, the obvious ones being your fluctuating hydration levels and varied food intake throughout the day which can cause the scales to move in both directions quite alarmingly! Go ahead and weigh yourself three times in the same day at different times and see what numbers you are faced with! 


This is also the reason why it actually offends me when people are encouraged to shoot for a number as their end goal, which is what a lot of so-called ‘weight loss’ plans promote, without ever taking into consideration the changes that can occur in muscle mass and bone density (to name but two factors) along the way either! It can often lead to disheartenment and the feeling that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel when someone see’s the scale going up and down so sporadically!


Now, I will say one thing… The number on the scale CAN be of good use if you use it correctly, for the purpose of setting up your nutrition plan and as part of your progress checks, but only when used in conjunction with methods such as tape/caliper measurements or something even more elaborate like a DEXA scan.


For this purpose, I would advise you to weigh yourself at the same time on the same day each week to try to get as accurate results as possible, for example, every Monday morning upon waking without having eaten or drunk anything.


Combined with tape measurement or caliper readings, you can begin to get a rough idea of where your progress is being made and to help you tweak your training and nutrition to fit your ever changing body frame.


From now on, we will use ‘fat loss’ as our new goal terminology for people trying to lose weight as this is what the majority of people actually mean when they imagine their body in great shape!



Let’s move on to what I believe are the top five reasons you may not be losing the desired amount of fat you imagined, or indeed why your fat loss may have stalled altogether!


you’re eating too much?!


Well, it seems like the obvious answer and more often than not that can be the case…


Now, when I say you’re eating too much, this may not mean you’re eating lots of junk food and sinking gallons of beer, because let’s be real here… 99% of people are pretty clued up on the ‘types’ of foods they should be consuming to ensure they are promoting a healthy lifestyle and shooting for a successful transformation, but do you actually know how much is going into your body on a daily basis? Answer that question honestly…


For anyone starting out on a transformation journey, I would highly advise that you keep a diary of what you eat (and drink) every day for at least two to four weeks to figure out just how many calories and what split of macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) you are consuming! Only once you start doing this can you begin to get specific on your goals!


After a while and with a bit of experience you can relax a little and start ‘eyeballing’ your food as you will have a much clearer idea of what foods contain what amount of calories and the varying macronutrients in each portion!


you’re eating too little?!


Okay, well I guess you may not have been expecting me to say that right? WRONG! Let me get a little deep here… DO NOT under any circumstances think that by cutting your calorie and food intake to extreme levels is going to be of any long-term benefit to what you’re trying to achieve…


Yes, you may see rapid short-term weight loss (look, it’s our favorite phrase again!) results with this type of method, but believe me it’s not the type of weight you will be expecting and your body will only adjust to this new low-level of food intake and start fighting back!


Your metabolism will also completely crash, your hormones will be totally screwed, you will likely lose precious muscle tissue and as soon as you begin to eat ‘normally’ again, you will only gain all of that weight (and more!) straight back! The people who usually adopt this method of dieting are the ones who are shooting for the number on the scale as their goal which is why I’m so against this way of approaching things and any ‘professional’ or trainer who is advising their client to do this should be banned from giving nutrition advice and have their certifications ripped up!


Lack of sleep!


In my opinion, sufficient and good quality sleep is the number one most important thing for anyone on a fat loss (or muscle-building!) mission.


Sleep can never be a compromise and quite frankly if you’re not sleeping enough, or getting enough ‘quality’ sleep, then you need to address this now! When you are sleep deprived, your body will go into survival mode and start to slow your metabolism right down because it thinks it is in danger and it will do anything it can to hoard what it currently has!


Your hormones will likely be all over the place, boosting ghrelin levels in your body (which is the signal for hunger) and decreasing leptin (the signal for satiety). Along with this, your stress levels will undoubtably increase also, thus promoting the release of cortisol…


Now you have the perfect conditions for binge eating (remember the last time you were ‘stressed out’, what did you reach for? I’m guessing the tub of ice cream or a packet of chips rather than chicken breast or a bag of kale!?)


You must prioritize sleep and if this is something you suffer with, one tip I picked up many years ago was to turn your bedroom into a ‘bat-cave’  by making it as dark and as quiet as possible. Use ear plugs and window blinds or an eye mask if necessary to achieve this and if your problems still persist, seek medical advice and get some guidance on how to alleviate this problem.


You’re working out too much!


“But this whole industry is geared toward promoting high activity to help me lose fat!”


True, but sometimes, more is not always better! Just as with lack of sleep, when you workout your body is releasing the stress hormone, cortisol. Simply put, when cortisol levels are high, your body will not be in a fat burning state because it’s too busy trying to balance out your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.


Whilst I would always encourage people to ‘move’ every day, you do not have to go ‘hell for leather’ five, six or even seven days a week as some people do to achieve your goals… Rather, be smart with work, max your body out three to four times a week with focused and quality work and do something less strenuous on the other days like going for a long brisk walk or some active stretching/yoga routines and above all, get in plenty of rest in too!


You don’t drink enough water!


I imagine this to be an obvious reason, yet so many take it for granted!


Quite frankly, your body’s ability to burn fat in a dehydrated state is zero, so by staying hydrated, your metabolism will be higher at all times, your body will be consistently flushing out all of its toxins and you will also be less hungry more of the time as studies show that 90% of the time that you feel hungry, you guessed it, you’re actually just thirsty!


DRINK MORE WATER! I don’t like to promote figures, I won’t say, “you must drink four litres a day or you won’t lose fat”,


Just drink until you’re hydrated… Keep an eye on the color of your urine throughout the day, it’s the best indicator you have! The clearer it is, the more hydrated you are…


by james fox

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key week 1 STATISTICS

  • Decrease in overall weight of 2kg (4.4lbs)
  • Body-Fat down from 33% to 29%
  • Total of 3 weight based sessions using the ‘Gold Medal Lifestyle 2 day split foundation program’
  • 2 HIIT sessions (on non weight training days only)

Week 1 – Progress report


So, here we have the very first weekly update from our ‘live’ body transformation program and I’m very pleased to announce that the results are already quite impressive.


This week has seen Jeremy decrease his overall weight by a pretty cool 2kg (4.4lbs). Most of this will have come from a flushing of excess water weight as we correct his nutrition and carbohydrate intake (**more information on this below), but we have also seen a very comfortable 4% decrease in his body-fat levels which were extremely high to start with so will therefore rapidly decline to a point.


2 day split foundation program

As is the rule with any new beginners program, we must do our due diligence in ensuring that we start them off with the correct habits as soon as possible to set the tone for a successful transformation.


This means correcting any poor form when executing the exercises, setting the right tempo to maximise the time the muscles are under tension and focusing on stabilising the body during heavy-duty compound moves rather than concerning ourselves with the amount of weight being moved around.


The 2 day split foundation program was specifically designed by our team for anyone who has very limited experience of resistance training and you could quite easily see amazing results from this for weeks or even months, focusing heavily on compound movements such as back squats, bench press, military press and a few isolation exercises such as hammer curls and calf raises to compliment the sessions.


Another key point is that we have incrementally increased the weight being used with each new session to constantly over extend the muscle fibers… This will guarantee that we have consistent progress in overall strength and lean muscle gain.



  • Eliminate high sugar and ‘junk’ foods
  • Ensure a steady supply of fibrous green vegetables with every meal
  • Introduce fat sources such as nuts, avocados and grass-fed butter
  • Take in high quality proteins including chicken, whole eggs and fish

abs are made in the kitchen?


I know it’s an age-old cliché, but the point here is that you always have to be mindful with what goes into your mouth if you want to get the best results possible from your time and effort!


You can literally undo a great weeks work inside the gym with just a few poor choices in the kitchen… For Jeremy, we have to focus on fixing his insulin resistance as a matter of urgency and get his blood sugar levels stabilised after years of poor eating habits and consistent abuse of high sugar foods.


We do this by completely eliminating carbohydrates for a minimum of two and anything up to six weeks and we introduce high quality fat sources into the plan such as nuts, avocados, grass-fed butter, oily fish, whole eggs and fatty meats such as chicken thighs or high fat cuts of beef to serve as our new energy source in place of sugar/glucose!


Essentially, we are placing him on a what is known as a ‘Ketogenic Diet’… I will publish a full report on the pro’s (and cons) of this diet in the coming days to give you more of an insight into its key uses in case any of you are considering implementing it yourselves.


**A quick note on excess water weight… When you eliminate glucose from your diet, you are also causing your body to secrete excess water as glucose is a great driver of water into the muscle stores. We have increased Jeremy’s water intake and he is now averaging between 2.5 – 4 litres per day depending on his hydration levels.


It just remains for me to say congratulations on completing a very tough but rewarding week’s work and I look forward to us crushing every session that comes our way in the coming weeks with the same enthusiasm and determination as you have shown so far…



James Fox 


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  • Mission: #OperationJFit
  • Subject: 32 year old Male
  • Location: London, U.K.
  • Height: 5’8
  • Starting Weight: 98.6kg
  • Starting Body-Fat: 33%

Gold medal lifestyle academy 16 week body transformation challenge



Today we introduce Jeremy, born and raised in the majestic Northern part of the Philippines and now living in the United Kingdom…

An avid basketball fan and devoted father his weight has become a battle in recent years to the point where it has begun to affect his mobility and energy levels, his overall health and above all, his self confidence… 

Having recently celebrated his 32nd birthday he decided the time was right to arrest his poor eating habits, address his lifestyle and make quite possibly the biggest change he has ever made in his life!

Jeremy approached us and told us of his desire to alter his body and has readily agreed to become the first ever ‘live’ transformation student for the newly formed Gold Medal Lifestyle ‘Academy’…

Over the course of the next 16 weeks, with the help of our body recomposition experts and unique techniques we will put him through a rigorous and specialised training program, designed to fit his own unique characteristics, right down to the finest detail… We will monitor his every move in the gym and align his nutrition accordingly on a weekly basis to compliment this in order to torch his body fat whilst simultaneously building up his overall strength and lean muscle mass…


We invite you to follow and support Jeremy’s brave and inspirational 16 week challenge with us here at the Gold Medal Lifestyle and hope his journey will serve to inspire! 

Daily and weekly updates will be broadcast throughout our social media platforms and website and definitely watch out for scheduled LIVE training sessions throughout, where you can sit back and enjoy a full workout with us as it happens!

We will also be providing you with expert training and nutritional tips to hopefully help to kick start or recharge your own personal routine, so make sure to ‘Sign Up’ to our free newsletter and stay posted…

Community and support groups will be available on our Facebook page where you can interact with other subscribers and you can also contact us here too with any questions you may have…