• Decrease in overall weight of 10.9kg
  • Body-Fat down from 33% to 22%
  • Overall lean mass increase of 2.4kg
  • Total fat mass loss of 13.3kg 
  • Waist decrease of 4″ from 42″ to 38″

HALFWAY (WEEK 8) – Progress report


So here we land, the half-way stage of Jeremy’s ’16 week transformation program’ and quite frankly the statistics so far are remarkable!


I could not be happier with where we currently sit, not just in terms of his numbers, but also his mindset, his will and determination to succeed and his continual strength gains which have resulted in these amazing figures thus far!




Prior to starting week 1, I don’t think Jeremy could have envisaged where he would be today. For someone who had had zero prior experience in being around a gym environment and with no real recent exercise regime in his life, it would have seemed a very daunting task for sure… However, as the weeks progressed, I have tried to instil an inner confidence and belief in him, which to his credit he has carried right through to now… As a coach, I can assure you all there is no greater pleasure than in seeing someone flourish beyond recognition!


When we start to dissect the actual figures, we can see some real inspiring stats in the eight short weeks we have been on this program.


Whilst attending a pre-program DEXA scan session, Jeremy showed up at almost 99kg, which for someone standing at 5’8 tall is not a healthy weight to be at clearly. With a Ketogenic style nutrition plan, focused supplementation and unique workout plans, we have already adjusted his insulin sensitivity and cut his overall weight down to a staggering 87.7kg.


Now, we all know this is nice to look at on paper, but what we have been striving for in reality is body-recomposition of course, meaning FAT loss and lean mass stability, or even better… increase! To this end, we have so far been successful, with a huge 13kg fat loss and a nice steady rise of just over 2kg on lean mass! (Remember that lean mass is made up of bones, ligaments, tendons, internal organs and muscles).



We have also trimmed a cool four inches off of his waist measurement and as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the only downside on completion of this program is he is probably going to have to invest in a brand new closet full of clothes! I guess there are worse problems to have mind you!


Finally, his body-fat has gone from a very high 33% to 22% today, a third off of where we began!



Looking ahead towards the second half of this transformation gives me increased determination to give Jeremy not only the results he will leave us with, but with a platform, a knowledge and a confidence to go forth and continue on with following a new active and healthy lifestyle. 


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Many Thanks as always for all the support…


James Fox






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