key week 1 STATISTICS

  • Decrease in overall weight of 2kg (4.4lbs)
  • Body-Fat down from 33% to 29%
  • Total of 3 weight based sessions using the ‘Gold Medal Lifestyle 2 day split foundation program’
  • 2 HIIT sessions (on non weight training days only)

Week 1 – Progress report


So, here we have the very first weekly update from our ‘live’ body transformation program and I’m very pleased to announce that the results are already quite impressive.


This week has seen Jeremy decrease his overall weight by a pretty cool 2kg (4.4lbs). Most of this will have come from a flushing of excess water weight as we correct his nutrition and carbohydrate intake (**more information on this below), but we have also seen a very comfortable 4% decrease in his body-fat levels which were extremely high to start with so will therefore rapidly decline to a point.


2 day split foundation program

As is the rule with any new beginners program, we must do our due diligence in ensuring that we start them off with the correct habits as soon as possible to set the tone for a successful transformation.


This means correcting any poor form when executing the exercises, setting the right tempo to maximise the time the muscles are under tension and focusing on stabilising the body during heavy-duty compound moves rather than concerning ourselves with the amount of weight being moved around.


The 2 day split foundation program was specifically designed by our team for anyone who has very limited experience of resistance training and you could quite easily see amazing results from this for weeks or even months, focusing heavily on compound movements such as back squats, bench press, military press and a few isolation exercises such as hammer curls and calf raises to compliment the sessions.


Another key point is that we have incrementally increased the weight being used with each new session to constantly over extend the muscle fibers… This will guarantee that we have consistent progress in overall strength and lean muscle gain.



  • Eliminate high sugar and ‘junk’ foods
  • Ensure a steady supply of fibrous green vegetables with every meal
  • Introduce fat sources such as nuts, avocados and grass-fed butter
  • Take in high quality proteins including chicken, whole eggs and fish

abs are made in the kitchen?


I know it’s an age-old clich√©, but the point here is that you always have to be mindful with what goes into your mouth if you want to get the best results possible from your time and effort!


You can literally undo a great weeks work inside the gym with just a few poor choices in the kitchen… For Jeremy, we have to focus on fixing his insulin resistance as a matter of urgency and get his blood sugar levels stabilised after years of poor eating habits and consistent abuse of high sugar foods.


We do this by completely eliminating carbohydrates for a minimum of two and anything up to six weeks and we introduce high quality fat sources into the plan such as nuts, avocados, grass-fed butter, oily fish, whole eggs and fatty meats such as chicken thighs or high fat cuts of beef to serve as our new energy source in place of sugar/glucose!


Essentially, we are placing him on a what is known as a ‘Ketogenic Diet’… I will publish a full report on the pro’s (and cons) of this diet in the coming days to give you more of an insight into its key uses in case any of you are considering implementing it yourselves.


**A quick note on excess water weight… When you eliminate glucose from your diet, you are also causing your body to secrete excess water as glucose is a great driver of water into the muscle stores. We have increased Jeremy’s water intake and he is now averaging between 2.5 – 4 litres per day depending on his hydration levels.


It just remains for me to say congratulations on completing a very tough but rewarding week’s work and I look forward to us crushing every session that comes our way in the coming weeks with the same enthusiasm and determination as you have shown so far…



James Fox 


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