key week 10-12 STATISTICS

  • Decrease in overall weight of 1.7kg from Week 9
  • Body-Fat down to 21%
  • Waist size down to 37″
  • 4 weight training sessions and 2 HIIT sessions per week

Week 10-12 – Progress report


As we completed week 12 of Jeremy’s 16 week transformation program, his body statistic figures continue to move along at a nice comfortable rate as we head toward the final push in his body recomposition adventure with us!


Continual strength gains in the gym have ensured that his body-fat and waistline continue to decrease whilst his lean mass remains stable…




A further weight decrease over the past 3 weeks of a cool 1.7kg and a waist measurement of 37″ in from 37.5″ have seen his body-fat drop to 21%, a quite astonishing feat when we think that Jeremy came to us 12 weeks ago at 33%.


This is testament to his hard work in the gym, aligned with clever nutrition manipulation and constant tweaking of his conditioning program…


We have continued to push a carbohydrate cycling style nutrition plan in recent weeks with great effect and Jeremy has enjoyed the boost this has given his strength in the gym, with all of his key lifts improving session upon session!


As we now enter the final four weeks, his training regime will move to yet another level as things heat up in pursuit of the finish line!




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James Fox






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