key week 2 STATISTICS

  • Decrease in fat mass of 1.7kg (3.75lbs)
  • Body-Fat down from 29% to 26%
  • Personal best performance achieved on every individual exercise (including a 7.5kg increase on his flat bench press previous best)
  • Waist size down to 41 inches

Week 2 – Progress report


Another remarkable week for Jeremy, we have seen his strength increase beyond recognition from only two weeks ago… He has put personal best performances in on every single exercise on this current foundation program! 


The highlight of the week was undoubtably the huge 7.5kg increase on his flat bench press… From the moment he walked in the gym door on day 1 of week 2, I could feel he had definitely got the bit between his teeth so I decided to up the ante on what I perceive to be his weakest areas going into the program, his shoulders and chest… 


As with every mini challenge I have thrown his way so far however, he duly smashed it out of the park! The aim is to consistently increase the load being used in small increments each week whilst never compromising form, stability and tempo, something I am very watchful on!


We have seen another huge decrease in Jeremy’s overall weight, but more importantly in his fat mass which is down by almost 4lbs again this week! This has resulted in 3% being shaved off of his total body fat percentage too.


Major strides are being made already in such a short time and I look forward to week 3 and even more amazing changes!



James Fox


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