key week 4 STATISTICS

  • Decrease in fat mass of 1.3kg (2.8lbs) from week 3
  • Body-Fat down from 25.5% to 24.5%
  • 12 ‘foundation’ sessions completed in a 4 week period
  • Overall weight decrease of almost 8kg since week 1

Week 4 – Progress report


Graduation Day!


I’m pleased to announce that after 12 tough sessions across a 4 week period, Jeremy has come through the Gold Medal Lifestyle ‘Foundation Program’ with some pretty amazing results.


The program has given him a great introduction into the world of strength training and has primed his central nervous system and mindset for the road that lay ahead, as we now ‘up the ante’ on his transformation journey in the coming 12 weeks!


I have noticed a remarkable change in such a short period of time with regard to his overall strength, flexibility and above all, his confidence, as week on week his progress has continued to arrow in a positive direction!


Check out his overall statistics from weeks 1 – 4 below:



An overall weight decrease of 7.9kg from 98.6kg to 90.7kg


Waist size in to 39.5″ from a starting measurement of 42″



Lean mass (bones, ligaments, tendons, internal organs and muscles) increase of 2.9kg from 65.5kg to 68.4kg


Fat mass decrease of 11kg from 33kg to 22kg resulting in a BodyFat loss of 8.5% from 33% to 24.5%



I would just like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for following and supporting Jeremy’s journey thus far and as a thank you, our team will soon be putting together and releasing the Gold Medal Lifestyle ‘Foundation Program’ for you to download and use in pursuit of your very own transformation!


This will be available absolutely FREE for a limited time only, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter updates and social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook) so as not to miss out!


James Fox






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