key week 5 STATISTICS

  • Decrease in fat mass of 2.2kg (4.8lb) from last week
  • Body-Fat down from 24.5% to 22.5%
  • Entered Phase 1 of a 12 week ‘specialised’ body re-composition program
  • Increased HIIT & LISS sessions to supplement further fat loss

Week 5 – Progress report


After a highly successful 4 week Foundation program, we have now switched Jeremy onto a brand new 12 week ‘specialised’ body re-composition plan, introducing him to new methods of training, with even more variation on reps/sets/rest periods, a more ‘body part’ specific orientation to his work with the aim of sculpting and tweaking his body dependent on what we see as ‘weak points’ and also adding in extra cardio sessions (both high intensity and steady state) to supplement our strength program and ensure heightened fat loss. 




A quite noticeable statistic from last week is the sudden stabilisation in his overall weight, where we saw a relatively low decrease (90.7kg down to 90.2kg) compared to previous weeks but still with a 2.2kg fat loss and subsequent increase on lean mass. These figures (as opposed to overall weight) are our ‘governor’ when it comes to how we structure and manipulate his nutrition on a weekly basis as our aim is to keep a steady rate of fat loss whilst still maintaining and building on overall strength and size. 


This week has also seen a further 1 inch loss off of Jeremy’s waist measurement, going from 39.5 to 38.5″




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James Fox






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