key week 6 STATISTICS

  • Decrease in fat mass of 0.8kg from Week 5
  • Body-Fat down from 22.5% to 22%
  • Another 1/2″ loss around his waist making his current waist size 38″

Week 6 – Progress report


As we entered week 6 of 16 in Jeremy’s body transformation, signs of muscle definition across his body frame were becoming ever more apparent which gave us both a huge boost as we began another specialised week of training.


Tricep protrusion, deltoid development and his continued body fat loss have all contributed in beginning to shape his physique, where only 6 weeks ago he may have thought this impossible!




One thing that has stuck in my mind was his reported change of clothing size, which led me to think ‘he’s going to have to invest in a brand new wardrobe by the end of his transformation program!’ An expense that I’m sure will be a welcome one to his overall confidence however!


To give an idea of the drastic changes we have seen in such a short space of time, let me give you some statistics from when we started out until now… 


9.7kg total weight loss, with a 13.3kg decrease in fat, 3.7kg increase in lean body mass, 4 inches off of his waist measurement from 42″ to 38″ and a cool 11% drop in his body-fat where he has gone from 33% to 22%!



If the next 10 weeks are as good as our first 6, then we are well on course to giving him the results his hard work deserves!



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James Fox






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