key week 7 STATISTICS

  • Decrease in overall weight of 0.5kg from last week
  • Body-Fat down from 22% to 21.5%
  • Increase on both thigh and calf measurement of 1″

Week 7 – Progress report


With yet another positive week in the bag, we approach the half way mark of Jeremy’s 16 week body transformation and are right where we want to be in terms of body composition, rate of fat loss vs lean mass gain and above all, overall health!


This week we saw the introduction of more brand new exercises along with variations on tempo of movement, reps, sets and weight being used to keep his mind and body stimulated and eek out as much as we can from his efforts, the key being to always have the body in ‘guessing-game’ mode so as not to hit plateau’s too regularly.




The coming week (week 8) will see us making some big changes to his nutrition plan also, as his fat loss levels out and his body gets set to welcome such practises as ‘carb-cycling’ to ensure we get an increased level of performance and re-stoke both his fat-loss and lean mass gain for the second half of the transformation program!


Stay tuned for further transformation updates and also news on unique 1-2-1 ‘LIVE’ training sessions with myself and Jeremy throughout the second half of the program for you to watch along to as they happen!



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James Fox






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