key week 9 STATISTICS

  • Decrease in fat mass of 0.8kg from last week
  • Waist measurement down a further half-inch from 38′ to 37.5″
  • A brand new nutrition phase implemented from the start of this week
  • Increased HIIT & LISS sessions to supplement further fat loss

Week 9 – Progress report


As we began the second half of Jeremy’s transformation, the biggest change of note has been in his nutrition.


After 8 weeks of following a strict high fat diet regime, Jeremy has seen rapid and remarkable changes in his body composition, his level of athletic performance and also his overall health, however, fat loss and strength had begun to stall slightly in the last week or so and I felt the time was right to introduce a new method of nutrition to push his game on to the next level! 




Our key aim throughout the first phase of nutrition planning was to re align and correct all of Jeremy’s previous bad eating habits, force his body into utilising its stored energy (body-fat) for fuel and optimise his insulin sensitivity whilst still maintaining and building on his lean body mass!


Carbohydrates can be a volatile prospect for anyone who is carrying excess body-fat, has a history of poor eating habits and whom are not very active…


They can however be a major weapon in body-recomposition programs, but only in a controlled environment…


The next few weeks of carbohydrate cycling will give us a great indication into Jeremy’s status and we will monitor his diet very closely as we implement these tweaks in search of continued fat loss and strength gain results!


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James Fox





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