• Mission: #OperationJFit
  • Subject: 32 year old Male
  • Location: London, U.K.
  • Height: 5’8
  • Starting Weight: 98.6kg
  • Starting Body-Fat: 33%

Gold medal lifestyle academy 16 week body transformation challenge



Today we introduce Jeremy, born and raised in the majestic Northern part of the Philippines and now living in the United Kingdom…

An avid basketball fan and devoted father his weight has become a battle in recent years to the point where it has begun to affect his mobility and energy levels, his overall health and above all, his self confidence… 

Having recently celebrated his 32nd birthday he decided the time was right to arrest his poor eating habits, address his lifestyle and make quite possibly the biggest change he has ever made in his life!

Jeremy approached us and told us of his desire to alter his body and has readily agreed to become the first ever ‘live’ transformation student for the newly formed Gold Medal Lifestyle ‘Academy’…

Over the course of the next 16 weeks, with the help of our body recomposition experts and unique techniques we will put him through a rigorous and specialised training program, designed to fit his own unique characteristics, right down to the finest detail… We will monitor his every move in the gym and align his nutrition accordingly on a weekly basis to compliment this in order to torch his body fat whilst simultaneously building up his overall strength and lean muscle mass…


We invite you to follow and support Jeremy’s brave and inspirational 16 week challenge with us here at the Gold Medal Lifestyle and hope his journey will serve to inspire! 

Daily and weekly updates will be broadcast throughout our social media platforms and website and definitely watch out for scheduled LIVE training sessions throughout, where you can sit back and enjoy a full workout with us as it happens!

We will also be providing you with expert training and nutritional tips to hopefully help to kick start or recharge your own personal routine, so make sure to ‘Sign Up’ to our free newsletter and stay posted…

Community and support groups will be available on our Facebook page where you can interact with other subscribers and you can also contact us here too with any questions you may have…

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