James Fox


“Your body is your most prized possession, take good care of it!”






I was born in the 1980’s and raised in the vibrant and diverse city of London, United Kingdom to English and Irish parents. In the last five years I have split my time between living in London and travelling regularly to the Philippines and have plans to finally relocate there by the end of 2018




I had a very sporty childhood and was never too far from a soccer field or park… me and my friends would disappear for hours, playing game after game right through the summer months until the sun went down and the street lights came on, or until our folks yelled at us to “come home now, it’s getting late!” This was long before the days of online console gaming and the many other distractions that keep a lot of today’s youth from being active it seems


I regularly represented school teams in various sports including athletics and soccer and went on to have a brief spell in the semi-professional soccer leagues of England before leaving to pursue full-time work as I reached my late teens and early twenties





I still remained active, playing soccer at a lower level or ‘just for fun’ with friends on a weekend and eventually made a move into the coaching side of the game, something which I’d always had an ambition to pursue


I underwent the necessary schooling, gained my qualifications with the countries major governing body (the Football Association) and took myself off into the world of coaching children’s soccer at the tender age of just 25





It was to be my first real insight into what it takes to nurture, teach and impart your ethics and beliefs upon other individuals, which was a real buzz that gave me immense satisfaction


After a while though, it became apparent that the pathways into professional soccer as a coach were long, arduous, few and far between and financially unviable for me at that stage of my life, so with great regret I parked my ambitions there



I had finally found a new buzz and oh boy, this was a buzz! I was fast becoming addicted to the art of body sculpting through the use of resistance training and nutrition which led me to spend hours, days and weeks constantly researching new training programs and dietary methods to achieve a better body, inside and out


Fast forward twelve years, hundreds of books read, thousands of hours of research compiled and many months of trail and tribulation had… and we have the Gold Medal Lifestyle

Throughout the last decade and more, like many fitness addicts out there, I have experimented on myself (and friends) with almost every training variation and diet you can conceivably imagine, in the earlier years with mixed success, but these days with a lot more sure-fire results


In this industry however, there is a lot of what I call ‘fluff and bulls***’ which is why I only really align myself with the works of a few selected people. People who get real results with real methods


walk like a champion

Two years ago I decided that I would dedicate myself to the task of becoming a professional strength and conditioning coach and began closely reading the works of the world-renowned Charles Poliquin… If you’re not already aware of him, he is a former strength and conditioning sensei to many past Olympic champions and his methods are much heralded within the industry.


Following on from this I decided to go full steam ahead by educating myself within his ‘Poliquin Group’ system which is where I also discovered the works of U.K. based coach Nick Mitchell, a student and friend of Charles Poliquin and one of the leading figures around the industry today


I greatly admire his hunger and no-nonsense approach to getting fast and often amazing results with his body transformation projects and definitely count him as a role model and an inspiration to my own aspirations going forward


I founded the Gold Medal Lifestyle to allow me to bring my years of knowledge, hard work and education aligned with my very own unique methods and systems to the forefront of the industry… My love of coaching and teaching that stem right back to my days in children’s soccer never left me and now I hope to bring the same level of enthusiasm to you in pursuit of your dream physique and lifestyle and help you to walk like a champion


No, of course we don’t have to compete in the 100m Olympic final against Usain Bolt or take on Roger Federer at Wimbledon to feel  like a champion… but taking the mindset of greatness and the burning desire to crush your own personal goals from the moment you embark on your journey will certainly make you feel like one once you reach them

IT JUST REMAINS for me TO SAY A HUGE THANKs to you FOR your support and interest in THE ‘GML’ FAMILY!


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